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Summer Camp 2013 – Dartmoor Hike

Last Updated 20 August 2013 by Matt (Young Leader)

After a car journey lasting almost two hours, we started our hike from a car park south east of  Dartmoor. We firstly started heading up a windy road for about a mile or so until we went off and started following a river upstream. About an hour into our walk, we came across a huge Dam, at least 100 metres wide! We sat by the lake the dam had formed and had our lunch. We continued walking upstream for another few miles, encountering hills, fences and fords along the way. We eventually reached a bridge about 3 miles up the river, which we then crossed. We then turned around and started walking down the other side of the river. Despite this being a slightly shorter route, there were very few, if any footpaths along the way. We therefore had to walk through long grass and walk up hills at angles. At several points we had to stop and think through how we would get around various obstacles. We had to be very careful with our footing when walking over marshland to make sure our feet didn’t sink! We did eventually get back to the other side of the dam where we had a short trip down a hill. We only had a mile or so to go as we walked the final part of our road down the road we started on. But after 4 hours and 8 miles of barely any footpaths which we were unable to find, we finally got back to the mini bus for a fairly short journey back to camp!

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