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Patrols & Scout of the Year

Our Troop is formed up of three patrols:  Falcon, Eagle & Kestrel.  Each week the Scouts are inspected in their patrols and can earn points based on their appearance, punctuality etc.  They can also earn extra points through the activities and games we run.

Each term these points go towards the Patrol of the Term Trophy and each member of the patrol will be given a small prize.

The big award though, is the Scout of the Year Trophy.  Each year these points, as well as specially awarded points and points gained from attending Remembrance Day Parade & St Georges Day Parade go towards the Scout of the Year Trophy.  This Trophy will be awarded at the Groups AGM and the Scout will get to keep a small version of the Trophy that remains at HQ.

Past winners include:

2012 – 2013:  Emily

2013 – 2014:  Dan

2014 – 2015:  Chloe

2015 – 2016:  Zak

If you want to discuss any of this further please contact one of the Leaders.