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Queens Award for Voluntary Service

Last Updated 9 September 2016 by Phil Harding (Scout Leader)


On Friday, 2nd September, HM Lord Lieutenant of Hampshire Mr Nigel Atkinson officially presented the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service to the Eastleigh Youth & Community Trust in a ceremony at The Pavilion on the Park, Eastleigh. He was accompanied by Deputy Lord Lieutenant Mr Peter Robertson DL who read the dedication on the official certificate.

On his arrival, the Lord Lieutenant was greeted by three of the youngest volunteers, Annie Barnett, Will Wheeler and Zak Jeffery (Our Scout of the Year) accompanied by the Chairman of Eastleigh Youth & Community Trust, Mr Jim Vaughan MBE.

Chris Balcombe

During his speech the Lord Lieutenant explained that the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service is very prestigious and only 193 charities, social enterprises and voluntary groups UK-wide received it this year, and only 30 awards have been made in Hampshire since it began 15 years ago.

Chris Balcombequeens_award_eastleigh_49

4th Eastleigh Scout Group is very proud to be part of this award as a user of Pavilion on the Park and part of the Eastleigh Youth and Community Trust.

After the presentation our Scout of the Year and representative in the welcoming party was asked how he felt to be asked to represent 4th Eastleigh Scout Group. “Honoured and privileged” was his response. On the day Zak stood proud with the other two nominated volunteers and the Eastleigh Youth and Community Trusts Chairman Mr Jim Vaughan MBE as the dignitaries arrived. Zak was very impressed by HM Lord Lieutenant’s outfit, especially his boots with giant silver spurs that Zak described as, “a vintage version of heelies”. Zak was in awe of his scabbard-sword that was attached to his side and he could imagine how being knighted might feel!! On receiving the award he was impressed by how heavy the actual glass-etched award was and proud he kept his cool and didn’t drop it!!


I would like to personally take this opportunity to thank all of our adult volunteers for the hard work they do all year round at 4th Eastleigh Scout Group. As well as our Leaders there are a number of unseen adults who keep the Group running and without these volunteers and Leaders we wouldn’t be able to offer the adventures we do to the Young People.

Chris Balcombe

Phil Harding

Scout Leader and Scouter-in-Charge