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Scout News

29 Aug 2013

This year we took the Scouts to Torbay Scout Campsite in Devon.  After a very long drive we arrived on site, and with views like this I think the journey was worth it!!

Over the first weekend we set up camp, learnt how to safely use the axes and saws and explored our surroundings.  On Monday morning we sent the Scouts underground through the on site pipe caves and in the afternoon we all set off to Brixham to go kayaking in the harbour, including a bit of kayaking through the surf …

20 Aug 2013

After a car journey lasting almost two hours, we started our hike from a car park south east of  Dartmoor. We firstly started heading up a windy road for about a mile or so until we went off and started following a river upstream. About an hour into our walk, we came across a huge Dam, at least 100 metres wide! We sat by the lake the dam had formed and had our lunch. We continued walking upstream for another few miles, encountering hills, fences and fords along the way. We eventually reached a …